Penzoil Group is an international company active in the petroleum derivatives, biofuels and shipping markets.
Penzoil has developed a series of partnerships with trusted suppliers and refineries, developing its activities to the point of being able to identify itself as one of the best and most reliable companies on the international market.
Penzoil specialists analyze the trends that push the international commodity markets and are able to quickly seize the best market opportunities, making the company an efficient and reliable partner.
Penzoil is engaged in the development of trading, transportation and buying and selling of petroleum products and biofuels.
Penzoil operates in the field of refined products and biofuels through terminals located in the Asia, USA, Africa, Europe and the Balkans.
Penzoil is also able to offer its customers inspection and control services. guaranteeing a wide range of services in order to meet the needs of our customers:
  • Inspections of petroleum products
  • Inspection, control and evaluation of fuel storage and distribution systems
Finally Penzoil, through its partners, offers its customers solutions for the construction of infrastructures for E-Mobility and for energy efficiency.

A competitive and dynamic company, Penzoil offers itself to its customers as a safe and trusted partner.