Products derived from refining


Penzoil Trading SA supplies itself on the international market, in order to offer its partners the best products at the most economical conditions. Our team of expert consultants operating in the world's major financial squares, together with the reliability of our suppliers, allows us to perform back-to-back financial operations. Penzoil Trading SA is constantly active in the brokerage sector of refining products.

We supply, store and distribute for customers all over the world the following products:

Gasoline, Diesel, OiL, Naphtha, NATURAL Gas, bitumen, jet fuel, cpo, BIO FUELS.



Liquid biohydrocarbons are used as a biocomponent in gasoline and diesel fuel mixing, while respecting the technical parameters of compliance with new laws, including the EU.
Penzoil Trading SA aims to propose to the operators of the blending sector innovative
bio-hydrocarbons created by the latest and most advanced scientific research, and also certified by important European Universities. The use of vegetable components resulting from waste production in the manufacture of the bio-hydrocarbon product allows to be awarded of the best "Green" certifications leading to obtaining the most rewarding economic conditions of recovery of taxation, as foreseen in large part of the countries where the use of the share of
bio-hydrocarbons-renewable sources is required by law.



Penzoil Trading SA in its global operations meets the protagonists of international trade. This determines the development of interesting synergies in the various sectors of  commodities marketing. Today we are able to offer business opportunities in the trading of raw materials and semi-finished products. The marketing proposals are frequent as for ferrous scrap. 
Areas of origin of supply and demand are generally the East, in particular  the PRC and India, both as purchasers of semi-finished products and scrap and as exporters of finished products. Our collaborators are also present in North Africa and South America.
In all geographic areas where we work we are witness of a growing interest in the industry of non-ferrous metals, both as semi-finished product and as  scrap from demolition.