White Tiger Finance SA, headquartered in Friborg, is a company registered in the trade register in Switzerland.

The purpose of the company is to provide all services in the field of ship and vehicle rental.

It also deals with the storage, mixing and processing as well as international trade, i.e. the purchase, sale, brokerage, import and export, transport and distribution of raw materials and fuels. , in particular crude oil and petroleum derivatives, natural gas, electricity, coal, chemicals, wheat, animal and vegetable oils and biofuels.

It can offer services and consultancy to private and public entities, in all sectors and in
particularly in terms of strategy, finance, operations, business development
and market studies.

It can acquire, receive and / or assign licenses for the use of patents and industrial know-how. The company may set up branches in Switzerland and abroad, participate in other companies in Switzerland and abroad, acquire or found companies with the same or similar purposes, carry out any financial, commercial, industrial or other activity and enter into any specific contracts for the development of its purpose or directly or indirectly related to it.

According to Swiss law, the conversion of the bearer shares into registered shares of 01.05.2021 was published following the resolution of the general meeting of 27.04.2021 relating to the amendment of the articles of association.